$250 Netbook Running Android Coming in Three Months

by admin April 27, 2009 at 10:06 pm

Netbook will target the 80% of the world without a computer, not affluent westerners

Almost as soon as Android debuted for the smartphone market some began eyeing the Linux-based OS for use in other types of electronics devices like netbooks.

A company called Guangzhou Skytone Transmission Technologies Co. is now in final testing with what is expected to be the first Android-based netbook to hit the market. The netbook, called the Alpha 680, is expected to hit the market in three months and will run a low-cost ARM processor rather than the netbook staple Intel Atom.

Skytone reports that the final prototype of the netbook is set to launch in June with manufacturers likely to introduce models to the market two months after that. Prototypes of the Alpha 680 have been seen at Hong Kong trade shows already.

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