7-max 5.00 Beta

by admin November 18, 2005 at 4:35 am

7-max is a program for accelerating your Windows system.

How does 7-max work

Windows uses small (4 KB) RAM page by default. If you run any application with 7-max, that application will use large (2/4 MB) RAM pages. Large RAM pages provide increasing of speed.

7-max can speed up applications that use big amount of memory. In our tests, 7-max gives 10%-20% speed improvements on modern file compression programs like 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org). The biggest improvement can be obtained in CPUs with small L2 Cache: Celeron, Sempron.

Windows 2003 / XP x64 / Vista support

7-max is a free software distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

WARNING: 7-max can be unstable for some systems and it can hang your Windows. So it’s better to close other programs before first start of 7-max. If you have important data on your hard disk, it’s better to backup them to some medium.

Download: 7-max 5.00 Beta