A Sneak Peek at Yahoo’s BrowserPlus

by admin August 1, 2008 at 10:02 pm

A few months ago Yahoo offered a limited peek into its BrowserPlus project. At that time, not much was available. Now we are seeing some activity, and even the developer blog at Yahoo started to talk about the project.

Disappointingly, BrowserPlus is still only available for Yahoo properties, but developers can test the API locally. The benefit of this is that when the API is released to the public, your application can take advantage of it immediately. Obviously, this is a competitor to Google Gears, right? Well, the developer blog actually takes a different stance. They are somewhat complimentary because BrowserPlus allows you to download services instead of one monolithic platform. One major benefit of being service based is the ability to update and add new services on the fly. No browser restart or page reload is necessary. Obviously, that is very cool. From the developer perspective, it sounds like you could provide live updates to your services.

Full story: mashable.com