A Tale of Two iPods, And Why The Touch Has No Camera

by admin September 10, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Apple’s decision to not include a camera in the new iPod Touch is somewhat surprising. After all, there is already a perfect camera for the job, and it sits inside the iPhone. That Apple included a video camera inside the iPod Nano makes this more inexplicable still — the Apple of today is clearly happy to put cameras into its media players (unlike the first iPhone, whose camera was so poor we thought it was just a petulant capitulation to cellphone norms).

Leaving the camera out is also a clear signal not to upgrade the Touch, as – apart from a larger 64GB model – the only hardware change is the juiced-up processor, making the iPod Touch run faster like its older brother the iPhone 3GS. Perhaps Apple is putting the Touch on a two-year update plan like the iPhone, letting people keep their pocket computers for a little longer than usual. Had the Touch included a camera, I would be knocking on the store doors right now to buy one, along with 64GB ready to be filled with photos and video.

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