Abaiko Disk Space Monitor 1.21

by admin February 26, 2007 at 11:30 am

Modern computers have a lot of space on their disks. And people stopped watching the space thinking that disks of that size just cannot be too small. Most likely, some software developers stick to that opinion as well and some software occupies quite a lot of space on disks or do not save it. In addition, software capabilities increase together with the development of computers. A lot of people can now work with large amounts of data, for example, editing home video, processing high-resolution photos or complex graphics, recording music. All this is impossible unless you have free space on your disk, which invisibly becomes less and less. And unexpected lack of space on your disk, especially on the system one, may result in your work being lost or even in operating system failures.

The simple, but still useful tool Abaiko Disk Space Monitor will keep you informed about the amount of free space on your disks. The news that there is not enough space on the disk will not take you by surprise in the worst time any more and you will no longer have to worry about it.

?¢‚Äî?† Easy to use and configure
?¢‚Äî?† Running at Windows startup
?¢‚Äî?† Monitoring disks of any types
?¢‚Äî?† Access to the application via the tray icon
?¢‚Äî?† Warnings as balloon messages

The tool can monitor disks of any types your computer supports.

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor is intended for both regular home users and system administrators that need space for quickly growing logs of various systems, enlarging databases, data backups, or for software caching data.

Download: Abaiko Disk Space Monitor 1.21 Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista