ADCH++ 2.4

by admin October 6, 2009 at 12:54 pm

ADCH++ – A hub software for ADC

ADCH++ is a hub (server) for the ADC network. It implements the ADC protocol. The core application is very simple, but extensible using plugins. Among the standard plugins there is a scripting plugin that allows hub owners to further customize the hub using the Lua scripting language. The core is also exposed as a Python module, thus it is possible to use it within a Python application.

To run ADCH++ you will need the following:

• A computer with a network card
• Linux with a 2.6-based kernel or Windows 2000/XP
• A brain (to understand the readme and do the setup)
• Optional: An administrator account (to install as service / run on port < 1024 on unix) Download: ADCH++ 2.4