Adobe Expands Acrobat For Collaboration

by admin September 18, 2006 at 11:42 am

Adobe Systems unveiled its re-branded online conferencing software today with embedded collaboration features in one of the Web publishing company’s core products, Acrobat.

Renaming Macromedia Breeze conferencing software Adobe Connect, the company said Monday it will leverage the ubiquity of PDF files and Flash presentations to enable connections between different work groups, such as artists, lawyers and architects.

Adobe’s Acrobat application is getting a makeover, with better collaboration playing a central role.

As part of that push, Adobe has added a “Start Meeting” button in Acrobat 8 and the free Acrobat 8 Reader applications.

Either in a hosted or local version, Connect or Connect Professional offers online conferencing to any Flash-enabled user, including whiteboard, screen sharing, chat, along with video and audio.

Connect Professional additionally supports more conference participants (more than 15,000 compared to 15 for basic Connect), as well as VoIP and other extended capabilities.

Among the improvements, Acrobat 8 gains a “Getting Started” window, where tasks such as “Create PDF,” “Forms” or “Combine Files” are grouped. The change makes Acrobat more approachable to a wider range of users, Adobe officials told

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