Adobe gives web, desktop development a breath of fresh AIR

by admin February 25, 2008 at 7:22 pm

There’s something in the air, and this time, it’s not from Apple. Adobe announced today the official 1.0 release of Adobe AIR, its technology for merging web and desktop application development, along with Flex 3, its open source application development framework. With AIR and Flex, the company says that it is staying on top of the development of rich Internet applications (RIA) while enabling developers to create apps for both the web and the desktop without having to create entirely new code for each. And of course, the company is using AIR to help port its own applications over to the web—such as Premiere and Photoshop—while maintaining a desktop userbase. Once the a migration is finished, it will be easier for Adobe to maintain its software both online and off while using the same codebase.

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