Adobe: iPhone Flash player coming, if Apple wants it

by admin October 1, 2008 at 6:24 pm

The developers behind Flash confirm that a player for the iPhone is on the way, although it’s still up to Apple to OK the app—and as we’ve seen in recent weeks, that isn’t exactly a foregone conclusion.

The news came out of a recent Flash development conference (as reported by, where a senior Adobe staffer confirmed that a Flash player for the iPhone is, indeed, in the works. However, the staffer noted that the iPhone is a “closed platform,” and that Apple would have to rubber-stamp the player before releasing it on the iTunes app store.

Of course, Flash is one the of the key missing links in the iPhone’s otherwise top-notch Web browser. As it stands, animated and/or interactive Flash modules on the Web show up as little blue question marks on the iPhone, rendering many sites useless. An iPhone Flash player could also let you view embedded, Flash-enabled videos on the Web; for now, we have to make do with dedicated apps like the iPhone’s YouTube player (which, actually, works pretty well).

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