Adobe Releases Beta Version Of Its CS4

by admin May 27, 2008 at 10:04 pm

Adobe has made available free for download beta versions of three of the tools that its Creative Suit 4 will come with: Dreamweaver, Soundbooth and Fireworks. However, people who do not own Creative Suit 3 will only be able to test the applications for 48 hours before they will expire and access to open them will be denied afterwards.

Dreamweaver, which is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to create a webpage but doesn’t have the programming knowledge to do so, has seen a few very useful updates. The new features include a Related Files toolbar, which gives access to files used in a page, a Code Navigator function, which allows for bits of code to be entered at multiple points at the same time, and Live View Mode, which allows users to test the page they are creating while working at it in a very easy to use way.

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