Adobe releases Mobile for iPhone

by admin October 9, 2009 at 7:12 pm

For those who like to edit and show off their photos on the go, Adobe has released its Mobile for the iPhone. Adobe favoring obfuscation in its product names, you may not be able to deduce from that it’s actually an iPhone app that interfaces with the company’s online photo-storage site.

While it won’t quite match up to those (somewhat insane) people who want the full powers of the Mac version of Photoshop in an iPhone application, Mobile does let you edit photos stored on your iPhone, adjusting qualities such as exposure, saturation, and tint as well as cropping, rotating, and flipping. In addition you can apply effects, such as pop art, vignette, sepia, and black & white. There are even multiple levels of undo/redo if you make a mistake.

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