Adobe, Symantec Press EU to Block Vista

by admin September 22, 2006 at 5:16 am

With Microsoft set to launch Vista in November to corporate customers, Symantec and Adobe are lobbying European regulators to act against the software giant.

Next week, two Symantec executives head to Brussels to brief journalists on security features found in Vista.

Symantec earlier this year asked for an injunction to stop sales of Vista due to what it said was patent infringement by Microsoft.

Vista, with integrated antivirus and spyware protection, will compete head-to-head with Symantec, McAfee and other security vendors.

Rowan Trollope, vice president of consumer products and solutions and Bruce McCorkendale, a senior engineer in technology strategy will counter what Symantec feels is an incorrect impression being spread by Microsoft.

“We felt they needed to get on the road and correct misconceptions” left from comparisons by Microsoft using older Symantec software, according to spokesperson Cris Paden.

Adobe was not immediately available to comment on reports it is urging EU regulators to stop Vista from including PDF-like features.

In June, Adobe demanded Microsoft remove a competing file format from the upcoming operating system.

A spokesperson for the European Union said it has not received a formal complaint from Adobe.

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