Ads Foot the Bill for Mobile Version of MySpace

by admin September 25, 2007 at 7:18 pm

MySpace and other Fox Interactive Media properties soon will begin offering mobile site access for free, supported by advertising. The endeavor is FIM’s first foray into ad-supported mobile access. MySpace currently offers its members mobile access to their pages for a fee. The paid service will continue and offer a more robust experience, the company said.

Hoping to ride the rising mobile Web wave, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is offering free mobile access to MySpace and several other sites.

The free mobile Web versions of the sites will be supported by advertising instead of user subscription fees. However, the fee-based versions of the sites will remain available and will offer more features than the free, ad-supported sites, the company said.

Unlike the premium versions — which require users to download and install applications on their mobile devices — the free sites will be accessible by anybody owning a WAP (wireless access protocol)-enabled phone.

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