After The iPhone Hacks

by admin August 28, 2007 at 5:11 pm

By one measure, Apple’s iPhone has received the highest of compliments: It’s drawn the attention of hackers and tinkerers working non-stop to unlock the features that tie the phone service to AT&T.

A New Jersey teenager took a hardware approach with tools that included a soldering iron in order to replace the iPhone’s SIM chip with one from T-Mobile. He then showed how he was able to make calls on a T-Mobile account, bypassing AT&T. George Hotz, 17, detailed his efforts, which he said took most of the summer to develop, on his blog. And in the end, the founder of CertiCell, a supplier of new and refurbished OEM and after-market handset parts, offered to trade Hotz a Nissan 350Z for the hacked iPhone. He accepted.

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