AIM Beta 2 / Final

by admin September 25, 2010 at 6:50 am

Send messages to your friends and family instantly.
Lifestream helps you stay in touch with your AIM, Facebook and Twitter
friends and more. AIM is faster, lighter with a fresh look, and it’s free!

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for Windows.

Keep Tabs On Your Buddies

The new Lifestream feature lets you stay on top of what your AIM Buddies are doing by allowing you to add a variety of accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Get status updates from your AIM Buddies, post photos and leave comments to stay connected.

Post Real Time Comments

Leave comments for your friends instantly. When you leave a comment on a friend’s AIM Lifestream, the comment will post back to Facebook, Twitter and others.

A Fresh Look and Feel
Change Up Your Color Theme

The new AIM offers tons of new color schemes to choose from, as well as a redesigned user interface that allows you to view Buddy Icons and status messages more clearly.

AIM On the Go

AIM is available on most Mobile phones. Get the newest version of AIM on your iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile.

Faster and Lighter Performance
We’ve Stepped It Up a Notch

This new version of AIM will run faster and use less of your PC’s resources.

Buddy Icon Cropper
Upload a Picture Instantly

It’s easier than ever to change up your Buddy Icons by uploading a picture off of your PC, creating your own avatar or browsing through our Expressions library.

System Requirements:
· Windows: 2000 or higher, , optimized for Windows XP, Vista and 7
· Internet Explorer 6, optimized for Internet Explorer 7+
· 128MB RAM and 512MB for Enhanced IM functionality
· Macromedia Flash
· Microphone/speaker or headset for Talk functionality
· Broadband recommended for Live Video Chat

Download: AIM for Windows

Download: AIM Beta 2