AIM for iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0

by admin March 29, 2009 at 11:34 pm

AIM keeps you connected to the people you care about right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Mobile AIM lets you communicate whenever you want, wherever you are, in whatever way suits you best. Connect with friends and family and keep track of status and presence updates in real time.

· Send and receive messages over WiFi, EDGE, or 3G networks
· Connect to anyone on the AIM network worldwide, whether they’re on AOL, AIM, ICQ, .mac or MobileMe
· Manage your Buddy List feature, choose Favorites, or add a new buddy any time — your changes are automatically synced with iChat
· See who’s available before you contact them
· Send IMs and SMS text messages — even from an iPod touch
· Take pictures with the built-in camera to use as your Buddy Icon

It’s easy to get started. Just sign in using your existing AOL, AIM, .mac or MobileMe name, or register for a free screen name right from your device.

Download: AIM for iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0