AlphaXP Lite 1.1.3

by admin July 19, 2006 at 11:28 am

AlphaXP Lite is a powerful system enhancement that adds advanced transparency effects to any Windows 2000/XP computer. It has won many five-star awards for excellence and is regarded by thousands of users worldwide as the system enhancement of choice.

AlphaXP Lite is part of the most advanced Windows transparency software available today. As a lite version it is missing many of the full version’s features, but this does not render AlphaXP Lite unworthy. AlphaXP Lite is still very powerful and an excellent program in it’s own right. Some of AlphaXP Lite’s features include: a direct way to set transparency with a customizable keyboard shortcut, taskbar transparency with an optional fade-in effect, Advanced Transparency, which is a set of special techniques that greatly improve Windows transparency, and more!

AlphaXP Lite is freeware

Download: AlphaXP Lite 1.1.3