Another Major Mac Computer Security Flaw Discovered

by admin August 1, 2009 at 5:05 pm

OS X continues to fall short of its security reputation

Many Mac owners live under the assumption that their computers will never be attacked. While that statement may hold some truth — most fail to understand why. Rather than realizing that the relatively safety is afforded by Apple’s still small market share, they believe that the security is somehow owing to an inherent security superiority in their operating system of choice, OS X, a sentiment echoed in Apple’s sarcasm-laden “Get a Mac” commercials.

However, in reality Apple’s security implementation, both on an OS and an application level is often lacking. It took Apple a year to patch a glaring hole in its OS X Java implementation. A major hole allowing SMS binary messages to execute code as root in the iPhone also went unpatched for over a month. Apple’s OS X-toting iPhone’s encryption scheme was declared laughably useless by a security expert and even Apple seems to acknowledge that its security may be lacking, warning that its iPhone can easily be hacked and used as a terrorist weapon.

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