Anti-Keylogger Tester 3.0

by admin April 30, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Some trojans includes keylogging functionalities, that can steal confidential information you are typing. To fight this threat, many HIPS software, and also dedicated anti-keyloggers software, now provide anti-keylogger features. However, there is many ways to monitor the keyboard, and few HIPS cover them all.

Anti-Keylogger Tester (AKLT) is a tool using 7 different methods to monitor your keyboard, and enables you to check your defences. AKLT provides hook based, and hookless/cyclical polling tests.

Additionaly, AKLT provides two ways of taking screenshots, as a keylogger or a trojan could do. In case one of your security software is claiming to provide a “screenshot protection” feature, you will be able to test it thanks to AKLT.

Download: Anti-Keylogger Tester 3.0