AOL gives IM a spit and polish

by admin July 19, 2006 at 11:27 am

AIMs for corporate users…

AOL is today set to launch its new AIM Pro instant-messaging service, which features security and online meeting functions aimed at corporate users.

The service, which is free for anyone to use, integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and corporate directory and offers one-click access to WebEx voice and videoconferencing and collaboration services.

Eventually the one-to-one videoconferencing will be expanded to allow four-way conferencing, said Brian Curry, vice president of business services at AOL.

AIM Pro gives people the option of using their professional email addresses as their AIM screen names. It also provides business-grade security and SSL encryption and automatic antivirus file scanning.

A tabbed AIM Pro Buddy List features new modules that let users do a quick people search and listen to news-related podcasts from ABC News, CNN and others. Users also have easy access to Wall Street Journal finance, technology and business stories and stock quotes and market data from AOL Finance.

Later, AOL will offer premium packages for a fee that include an IT management console, logging and regulatory compliance features, Curry said.

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