AOL offers free antivirus software

by admin August 8, 2006 at 7:46 am

AOL has introduced free antivirus software that is likely to become the highest-profile alternative to security software you pay for.

Active Virus Shield offers basic protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software, AOL said in a statement Monday. The product is available to all Internet users, not just to subscribers to AOL’s Internet access service.

“Antivirus protection is too important to make people have to pay for it,” an AOL representative told CNET in an e-mail interview. “We want to make sure that everyone is protected from viruses and spyware, and we believe that making Active Virus Shield available for free will help make the Internet a safer place for all.”

The protective tool is being delivered in partnership with Kaspersky Lab, a well-respected Russian antivirus software maker.

Active Virus Shield is not the only free antivirus product available, but it is likely to become the highest-profile alternative to for-pay products from vendors such as Symantec, McAfee and Microsoft. Other no-cost antivirus options are Grisoft’s AVG Anti-Virus and ClamWin, which is based on the open-source Clam AntiVirus engine.

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