AOL opens video search engine to developers

by admin September 18, 2006 at 12:16 pm

AOL has opened up its video search engine to developers in an effort to get more people to integrate its service into Web sites and blogs.

On Monday, the Time Warner subsidiary released a set of APIs, or application program interfaces, for building video search-driven applications. The APIs offer a number of functions, including advanced keyword search, tagging, rating, RSS and support for sharing videos via blogs and social networks.

The goal for the APIs is different than the one that AOL had in mind when it opened up a number of its other applications to developers–notably its instant-messaging client AIM and IP telephony service AIM Phoneline. The AIM and AIM Phoneline toolkits were designed to enable modifications to the existing software, whereas the purpose of the new video-search APIs is to spread its video search engine to sites other than AOL.

The APIs are available in both REST and AJAX formats.

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