APO Usb Autorun 1.6

by admin July 29, 2006 at 5:03 pm

APO Usb Autorun is a simple, but very handy functionality allows you to create an autorun menus in the same way you would for a CD and use it with your USB drive, or launch playlists, html pages and any other type of file as soon as the USB drive is inserted. It automatically searches for the standard autorun.inf (as used with CDs) and executes it.

In addition to the autorun functionality, the program also allows you to quickly access the files on the USB drive(s) from the tray icon menu.

APO Usb autorun now comes with online updates, multi-language and 2 addtional modules: APO Autorun.inf Builder and APO Starter.

Download: APO Usb Autorun 1.6