Apple iSlate Chatter Obscures Device Significance

by admin December 26, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Apple’s expected release of a humongous-screened iPod will legitimize the platform for business users. It could, in turn, revive Windows-based tablets and make Webpads the big alt.platform story of 2010.

All the rumor mongering surround Apple’s expected upcoming release of a humongous-screened iPod misses the point. A search of the USPTO database reveals that Apple isn’t even the leader in Webpad patents. Hey, doesn’t anyone remember the Windows-based Tablet frenzy, circa 2002? So the big deal this time is that Apple will legitimize the platform, particularly for business users. Indeed, I believe mobile Webpads could edge out netbooks–and even debuzz smartphones somewhat–and become the big alt.platform story of 2010.

OK, first let’s get the name speculation out of the way. Everyone’s all atwitter about “iSlate” and “TabletMac” as the possible contenders; these were uncovered by MacRumors. (See screengrabs below of the trademark information, which I obtained off of the U.S Patent and Trademark Office’s TESS trademark database.)

MacRumor s posits that Slate Computing LLC, which is listed as the owner of the iSlate mark, is actually a dummy Apple corporation. Hence the speculation that iSlate will be the name of the tablet, whose announcement is now widely assumed to be imminent, though there are no facts extant on this score. (Personally, I’m voting for “Humongous iPod” as the name, or better yet, “GinormousPod.” That’s what it’s going to be, right?)

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