Apple releases key to next-gen wi-fi chip

by admin January 31, 2007 at 7:38 am

Up to five times faster – for a fee

Apple has released the software needed to unlock the fast wi-fi chips inside almost every one of its new Macs.

At Macworld earlier this month, CEO Steve Jobs revealed certain Macs were shipped with a fast 802.11n chip inside but the chip was disabled until the standard was more complete. The company subsequently said it would charge $1.99 to unlock that capability, or Mac users could buy a new 802.11n Airport Extreme Base Station with the needed software.

Both products are now available, because the industry is more comfortable with the current draft of the standard, according to David Moody, vice president of worldwide Mac product marketing. The software enabler can be purchased from the Apple Store, and the $179 base station is also available online. It should show up in Apple stores over the next few days, the company said.

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