Apple sued over exploding iPod touch, iMac display issues

by admin March 14, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Apple’s build quality has been called into question as fresh lawsuits blame the company for an iPod touch that caught on fire as well as the widely-known vertical line defect on iMac displays.

Apple charged with making ‘explosive’ iPod touch

The first of the lawsuits, filed on Wednesday in a Southern District of Ohio court, claims that Apple negligently built the second-generation iPod touch — incorrectly referred to as an “iTouch” through the entire complaint — with a flaw that ultimately caused serious burns.

In the 14-page suit, Lynette Antrobus of Cincinnati describes buying a 16GB iPod in November that, just two weeks later, exploded in her son’s pocket and not only set his pants on fire but “melted” through to his leg, causing second degree burns. Besides these more immediately obvious losses, Antrobus also claims the impact of the unexpected event will give her son “mental distress” and other problems well past the initial damage done.

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