Apple TabletMac: coming in 2010?

by admin December 1, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Mac tablet ahoy! Apple has taken ownership of the TabletMac trademark, originally the property of Mac-modding experts Axiotron. It’s sparked fresh rumours across the web that we’ll see a Mac tablet from Apple, and that the name is finally out in the open. TabletMac it is. Maybe.

Axiotron, previous owners of the TabletMac trademark makes converted tablets from a MacBook base system combined with a Wacom pen-based touchscreen. Axiotron calls its product the Modbook, and you can buy one if you like – they’re only $1,649 or a bargain $699 if you supply your own MacBook.

However, the product hasn’t always been called the Modbook. It was originally marketed as the TabletMac. However, this trademark now lies firmly in the hands of Steve Jobs and Co, suggesting they’re cooking up something of their own to use that name.

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