Apple Working to Fix iPhone 3G’s Hiccups

by admin August 15, 2008 at 7:18 pm

AT&T and Apple Inc developers are currently seeking solutions to solve the faults of the latest version of the iPhone 3G: dropped calls and flawed Web surfing.

The glitches of Apple’s latest smart phone stirred a lot of debate on the blogosphere over the main cause of these malfunctions. According to some sources who spoke to, the problems are caused mainly by a set of chips inside the iPhone. Apple Inc reportedly decided to remedy the situation by introducing a software upgrader rather than recalling the handsets.

The problem with the dropped calls on Apple 3G iPhone is not only a U.S. thing. Users from Paris to Tokyo, from London to Stockholm are complaining about the connections hiccups. The fault appears to occur especially when the phone tries to switch from 3G to another network.

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