Apple’s Tablet Will Be a Super-Sized iPhone or iPod touch

by admin September 30, 2009 at 12:48 pm

One of the most significant open questions about Apple’s much-rumored tablet may have been settled — which operating system it will run. According to a new report, this device will be based on the iPhone OS, not Mac OS X.

Citing one of its most reliable sources, iLounge is reporting that this will not be a scaled down laptop. Instead, it will be a scaled up smartphone or handheld. It will let users browse the Web; check their email; play music, video, and games; and read e-books.

Previously, there were reports of Apple testing a variety of sizes for this tablet. According to this latest source, the company is currently considering giving it a 10.7-inch screen, which would give it a display about 7 times the area of an iPhone.

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