Arachnophilia 5.4 Build 2404

by admin October 7, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Arachnophilia is an advanced Web site development environment, as well as a general programming tool.

Arachnophilia is designed to learn as much as possible from you:

· Arachnophilia’s menus and toolbars are programmable.
· Nearly all Arachnophilia menu and toolbar items are internally represented by a “macro,” a user-definable data element that connects a command with a button and a keyboard key.
· You can add to or edit the macro set, change the content of the commands, and change their keyboard mapping.
· The macro command can be something you simply want to type at a keystroke, and it can include Arachnophilia system commands and other macros. It can even invoke an external java class to process your documents.
· You can build entire new toolbars and menu trees.
· You can display or hide custom menus and toolbars at a keystroke.
· The macro editor is available, interactively, at all times. You can even right-click toolbar buttons and edit them as you work.
· When you exit Arachnophilia, the program remembers everything. It saves all your macro changes, remembers which documents were open and which choices you made. When you run Arachnophilia again, it restores all your choices and documents.

Arachnophilia will run on virtually any computer.

Download: Arachnophilia 5.4 Build 2404