ArezView 2.5

by admin August 22, 2006 at 11:42 am

ArezView is a CD Key Viewer for Windows XP & Office XP/2003/2007 it allows you to view your Windows XP or Office CD Key & FrontPage Keys if you have lost the yellow piece of paper your CD Key comes stuck to.

?¢‚Äî?† ArezView also tells you information about the computer name & user name.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezView will help you find your CD key by decoding the registry.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezView is completely free of charge.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezView uses very little resources.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezView has been built on the .NET Framework v2.0 so our software is secure and reliable.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezSoft take time in providing the End User with an interface that is clean, crisp, and easy to use.
?¢‚Äî?† ArezView uses no shell integration.

Download: ArezView 2.5