ASUS Prepares Next Generation Eee PC with WiMAX, Larger Display

by admin January 1, 2008 at 7:29 pm

Next generation Eee PC to feature WiMAX and 8.9″ display

ASUS definitely struck a nerve when it launched its two-pound Eee PC sub-notebook. ASUS isn’t resting on its laurels and will show a next generation Eee PC at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

ASUS gave very little information on its website and only offered the following statement:

Join ASUS, Intel and Sprint to learn about the state of WiMAX technology, preview next-generation mobile solutions (including the next generation Eee PC) and immerse yourself in tomorrow’s wireless protocol.

Intel and Sprint are putting a lot of muscle behind WiMAX. Intel’s Montevina notebook platform will support WiMAX in Q2 2008 and the Menlow UMPC platform — presumably the foundation for ASUS’ next generation Eee PC — will also feature 3G and WiMAX integration. For its part, Sprint plans to invest $5 billion USD into WiMAX over the next two years.

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