ASXGui 2.2.6

by admin August 24, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Any Video to MP4/x264/AAC or MKV/x264/AC3/AAC

ASXGui is a GUI that is basically as simple as opening your source video and clicking encode. The program can decide automatic resolution and bitrate settings for you, or you can set them yourself. You can input nearly any video that is playable on your computer.

Current Features:
-Output to MKV or MP4
-Import any type of video file
-Import a separate audio source
-Drag and Drop Source Files
-Ability to remux audio instead of recompressing.
-Automatic Resize based on bitrate
-Automatic Bitrate based on resolution
-Overrideable Aspect Ratio
-Maximum Resolution (default maximum is original resolution adjusted for Aspect Ratio)
-Custom Bitrate and Resolution
-Ability to change Frame Rate
-Deinterlacing/Inverse Telecine (Click deinterlace and change FPS to 23.976)
-Ability to encode in ether 1 or 2 pass
-Ability to encode Lossless (1 pass, target Quantizer 0)
-Auto crop off black bars
-Custom audio bitrate
-Save settings as Default or Custom profiles
-Ability to enforce x264 profiles
-Ability to set a maximum automatic bitrate
-Custom crop
-Advanced x264 Options
-Job Queue
-Ability to downmix Audio to stereo

Download: ASXGui 2.2.6 | Doom9’s Forum Support