by admin February 17, 2009 at 7:40 pm

aTuner is an easy-to-use tweak-tool for GeForce-, Quadro- and Radeon-graphics cards


• Full hardware- and driver-detection
• Support of any common 3D-hardware from ATI and Nvidia
• Supports up to two monitors on an Nvidia-card via Windows dualmonitoring, TwinView and nView.
• Shows all important 3D quality-settings in a single window
• Support of the un-official modes, too
• Shows the most important settings even in the tooltip from the systray
• Easy alteration of all relevant tweak-options
• Self-explaining usage
• Does not unnecessarily writes in the registry, but offers a log of all write-actions into the registry.
• Profil-Managment
• Game-Launcher
• Sys-Info with focus on display devices
• Designed to be friendly to other tweakers, like RivaTuner
• Regular support through the author (fast adaption for new drivers)
• Freeware

Download: aTuner