Aud-X Surround Codec 1.24

by admin June 16, 2007 at 12:50 pm

Aud-X is the name of very efficient mp3 5.1 (surround) sound encoder and decoder created by group of audio enthusiasts and professionals joined with love to the Cinema. For a long time people converted DVDs to Divx/Xvid with mp3 stereo sound. We have all felt that part of the orginal masterpiece was gone forever (the surround sound). The main Aud-X project task was to bring to people an easy technology for encoding Divx/Xvid movies with 5.1 sound the same way they used to do it with the simple mp3 stereo encoders. Since Aud-X 5.1 sounds great at 128 kbps and is compatible with AVI you can reencode DVDs the same way you are used to, but with full surround sound.

Download: Aud-X Surround Codec 1.24