Audioblast 1.6.4

by admin January 24, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Audioblast is a program to edit sounds (WAV or MP3). It has all the basic edit functions, but also some special functions that you won’t find in other sound editors.

– Program to edit sounds.
– Has all the standard desktop-functions (cut, paste, delete, mix and more).
– Record your own sound and let it be mixed with the sound you’ve already opened!
– You can make the speed ‘changing’. The sound will be played slightly slower or faster.
– Cool effects: soften, alien, satellite, creaking, shrink.
– The graphic can be displayed in several ways.
– The two channels of a stereo sound are displayed individually and you can edit them individually.
– Convert your message to Morse.
– Of course you can also add echo, change the volume and reverse the sound.

Download: Audioblast 1.6.4