Auslogics Registry Cleaner

by admin August 11, 2010 at 9:30 am

Keeping the Registry clean and error-free is the key to optimal computer performance. Auslogics Registry Cleaner will help you get rid of registry errors and make your computer as fast as ever, all of this for Free.

Most people buy a new computer because their old one becomes agonizingly slow, starts malfunctioning, and displays various error messages. The first thing they do is scan it for viruses and spyware, and if that doesn’t help, they get frustrated and think of buying a new PC. But there is a better solution.

Most likely all problems mentioned above are the symptoms of a bloated and corrupted Windows Registry and can be easily fixed with Auslogics Registry Cleaner.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner will scan your computer for registry errors and problems, and fix the Registry, increasing PC performance and stability. It’s absolutely safe to use, fast, and Free.

Supported Windows Versions: 7/Vista/2008/XP/2000/2003

Download: Auslogics Registry Cleaner