AutoCollage 2008 collages your photos in just a few clicks

by admin September 4, 2008 at 6:21 pm

After months of hard work, and thanks to research from Microsoft Research Asia, Redmond, and Cambridge, an incubation team at Microsoft Research in Cambridge has been able to create AutoCollage 2008, a program that lets you select a folder containing images and creates a collage synthesized from interesting bits of some of the pictures. It cuts out interesting parts of photos and combines them together, using natural features as boundaries between images. To get a little more technical, Microsoft describes the application by saying:

AutoCollage is an automatic procedure for constructing a visually appealing collage from a collection of input images. The aim is that the resulting collage should be representative of the collection, summarising its main themes. It is also assembled largely seamlessly, using graph-cut, Poisson blending of alpha-masks, to hide the joins between input images.

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