AutoMee 2.27

by admin October 13, 2008 at 6:30 pm

AutoMee is a Multi-Purpose and All-In-One utility.
With it, you don’t need to install bunch of softwares to do every tasks.
It really boosts productivity if you’re the guy using computer all the time.

No Installer!, Unzip and Run!, Define hot keys, launch apps, Hotkey can be assigned specific to win titles, Encrypt/Decrypt text, Pre-defined useful functions, Auto lock PC after Idle time, Pickup color info at mouse: show Ram; Free disk; Battery; Hide/Show active window (e.g.sneaky web surfing:), Toggle monitor to relax eyes/save power, Capture region of screen!, Appending Clipboard mode (copy many text), Paste Clipboard as Plain Text, Windows Cron Job!, World Time, Text auto complete! (Auto fill web forms), Volume Control with hot keys, Quickly kill freeze processes, Send a series of keys & mouse clicks, Scroll web page slowly to read, Computer using time logging, Change Wallpaper from Flickr, Unit Converter, Quick Launch Box, Windows: activate, set on top, transparency, Mouse Gesture: run any assigned command, Quick Cron Job to alert short-time jobs, SMTP Send mail (useful to alert by mail), FREE forever!

Download: AutoMee 2.27