AutoRunnerX 1.2.3

by admin September 30, 2008 at 10:30 pm

AutoRunnerX and AutoRunnerU are autostart-extensions for all Windows systems (32/64bit). These tools can open any programs and files, once as a USB flash or hard disk in the computer is connected. You find the autostart extension in the system control. There you can configure it and after the activation AutoRunnerX/U work completely in the background.

AutoRunnerX can be configured only with administrator rights. All users of a computer access the same list with the start objects. In addition, a hash function for programs is integrated to detect manipulations by computer viruses what is important especially at the use of portable software.

AutoRunnerU can be configured with simple user rights. Only for the installation administrator rights are needed. Every user of a computer access a separate list with start objects of his own. AutoRunnerU can open only documents – however no programmes.

Both system extensions work with the rights which the logged user has at the computer. If you login at the computer with simple user rights, then AutoRunnerX or AutoRunnerU also will work with simple user rights.

Download: AutoRunnerX 1.2.3