Avanti! 1.1.2 Beta

by admin January 28, 2008 at 7:31 pm

Avanti is a small e-mail client, which works with POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. It supports multiple accounts, both types of e-messages (HTML, Plain text). It has new style of previewing messages, not like other.

Avanti contains Mail-Manager. This is the feature for view only headers (subject, receiver’s e-mail, sender, size etc.) of new messages on POP3 server. Here you can choose message to download and delete from server unnecessary.

Also this program supports quick check for new messages for specified period (interval may be in seconds). Like other mail clients, Avanti has the Contact Book, but too plain now. You can configure templates for new and reply messages with special variables.

And general Avanti’ feature is using on rewritable devices. You can use Avanti on, in sample, USB flash drive everywhere, where you have an internet connection! It’s very easy to use.

Download: Avanti! 1.1.2 Beta