AVS 3.0.0

by admin October 1, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Free SCM for Windows and Linux/Unix

Now you can download AVS for free! This software is based on the main concepts provided by the most expensive source control management software available on the market place : it includes all in one, a task based file repository management system, and a full bug tracking engine. AVS server is available for windows in user mode and win32 service, and also for linux/unix.

Main concepts :
– Change request creation and assignment
– Change request life cycle customisation
– Development task creation linked to change requests
– File check-out linked to a development task
– Each file can have parallel versions
– Atomic task check-in
– File/folder move ability without history loss
– 3-way merge editor
– Local workspace update through templates
– Project baseline and release management
– Project user groups
– Script execution with “run as” on task check-in
– User/Group management
– Mail notification on change request assignment

– Win32 platform for client, Win32/Linux for server

Download: AVS 3.0.0