AX 1.10

by admin September 17, 2009 at 3:00 pm

AX – Fast, simple, universal accents.

How do you do your French homework? Do you use characters that aren’t on your keyboard?

If instant, simple accents and special characters is what you want, wherever you are in Windows then AX is just the very thing you need. And it’s free.

AX allows you to alter any character’s accent always using the same key. This applies to symbols as well.

Simple – Quick – Easy
– AX should work the same in any word processor or editor
– AX works anywhere including windows explorer, spreadsheets, web…
– AX is supplied with eleven European languages ready to use
– AX is customisable to suit your own accenting or symbol needs
– AX is free
– AX is open source

AX only runs on Windows

Download: AX 1.10