Axxo Media Player 1.0

by admin December 19, 2007 at 3:23 pm

Axxo Media Player is arguably the best media player application of the world. Is is almost strictly monolithic, which means that it mainly consists of a single 7 MB executable that already contains all necessary codecs – for most files, it does not need any external codecs to be installed. If you want to know more about this wonderful program, please visit the Axxo Media Player homepage.

The roots of Axxo Media Player are in the Unix environment, and it shows in the way Axxo Media Player is used: There is no graphical user interface, or at least none worth mentioning. Instead, Axxo Media Player completely relies on a well-crafted command line interface and powerful keyboard shortcuts. While this is perfectly OK for Unix enthusiasts, Mac and Windows users prefer nice and more or less colorful graphical interfaces. There is already a ‘semi-official’ Mac OS X port, but up to now, no such project exists for the Windows platform.

This is where MPUI comes into play. It is a small program for Windows that takes the command-line hassle off you. Instead, you will get a no-frills, straight-to-the-point GUI that resembles the venerable Windows Media Player 6. It does not support every feature of Axxo Media Player – there are just too many of them – but it is a solid ‘workhorse’ media player tool suitable for most, if not all, everyday needs.

Download: Axxo Media Player 1.0