Baby ASP Web Server 2.7.2

by admin January 5, 2006 at 9:37 am

This program was build as an alternative for Microsoft’s IIS. The main goal was to design a simple web server with support for ASP. Setting up Baby ASP Web Server is very easy: copy the executable to a directory of your choice, set the directory of your webpages and it’s ready to run!


– Multi threaded.
– Real time server log.
– Configure directory for webpages (same for all connections).
– Configure default HTML page.
– Support for GET, POST, and HEAD methods (form processing).
– Sends directory listing if default HTML is not found in directory.
– Native ASP support (Request, Response, Server, QueryString and Form collections, Session, etc).
– Cookie support (including ‘arrays’ and enumeration!).
– SSI (Server Side Includes) support.
– Statistics: total connections, successful and failed requests and more.
– limit: 5 simultaneous connections.

Download: Baby ASP Web Server 2.7.2