Ballmer to Retire in 10 Years; Looks Back on Happy, Rocky Relationship With Gates

by admin June 5, 2008 at 6:06 pm

With Ballmer’s new announcement that he will retire within 10 years and Gates’ retirement this year, its worth a look at the pair’s past, present, and future.

Microsoft has owned the privilege of being the world’s largest software company for well over a decade and it has strong executive leadership to thank for that, largely. Love them or hate them, Microsoft’s founder and current Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer, a key Microsoft veteran, have shaped the face and course of Microsoft and the tech industry as a whole.

When Gates stepped down as CEO in 2000 allowing Ballmer to step up, it was a historic moment for the company. That moment is nearing its finale this year, with Gates finally looking to fully retire. And as the future fast approaches, Ballmer just announced that he will follow Gates into retirement in just 10 years time or less.

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