Batch File Rename Utility 0.4.34

by admin September 29, 2009 at 2:28 pm

The Batch File Rename Utility provides the ability to rename batches of files based on common text editing rules. It has been designed to be powerful yet fast and simple to use.

 Ã‚·Visual preview for every action – know what the application will do before any files are renamed.
 Ã‚·Conflict checking and illegal file name fixing built in.
 Ã‚·Visual display of each files state making it easy to see what will be renamed and if conflicts will arise.
 Ã‚·Rule sets are build from the comprehensive list of base rules allowing total flexibility.
 Ã‚·Saved rule sets are listed on the toolbar for quick retrieval.

Download: Batch File Rename Utility 0.4.34