bello network monitoring WindowsGUI 5.3

by admin August 26, 2006 at 6:06 am

bello network monitoring service monitors your servers and notifies you via email, ICQ, or SMS/pager message as soon as outages occur. Works with http, ftp, smtp, pop3, and dns servers.

About bello network monitoring Windows User Interface

You have two options to access your bello network monitoring account

?¢‚Äî?† WebGUI: Using a webbrowser you can use the web browser based user interface. Advantage: Can be used from any computer worldwide with Internet access (Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 1.x required, screenshots)).

?¢‚Äî?† WindowsGUI: Additionally you can install a small Windows software on your computer to access your account. This program runs in your taskbar all the time and will notify you with a popup-window and an alarm sound when outages occur. Advantages: Easy to use, adds popup windows as notifications.

Download: bello network monitoring WindowsGUI 5.3 Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003