Bing chases Google with street view, Win Mobile app

by admin December 3, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Microsoft today caught up to Google in a significant way by expanding Bing’s search features, particularly for maps. A beta of Silverlight version of Bing Maps now includes a more fully developed Streetside view that, like Google’s Street View, shows on-the-ground panorama photos of mapped-out locations with road overlays and the ability to navigate through in-world clicks. Bing’s approach, however, stitches photos together in perspective-correct 3D and now has an app gallery that can merge geolocated data into the street-level look, such as Twitter feeds or local blogs.

It additionally brings an enhanced Bird’s Eye view that uses 3D models within the existing view to give a look at urban areas and natural landscapes. Photosynth galleries, simpler driving directions, weather and other features have also been added.

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