Bing on The Rise With Steady 30 Percent Rise in Traffic Over 2 Weeks

by admin June 18, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Not a Google-killer (or even a Yahoo-killer) yet, but Bing shows some prowess

The online search market is an incredibly lucrative one. There’s a massive amount of traffic and accompanying data to be mined, and in addition advertising revenue to be harvested. Control the internet search, and you stand to become one of the most profitable tech companies. Unfortunately, since Google established its dominance, almost no one (outside of Yahoo) has been able to attempt to gain such control.

Microsoft is looking to at last change that. After pouring millions into its online search offerings and seeing them flounder, struggling to even break with Yahoo’s market share, the company needed a change. It first tried to purchase Yahoo and merge the searches — but that didn’t work out so well. So Microsoft spent more money going back to the drawing board, creating a fancy new search engine titled Bing.

And amazingly, this time it has seemed to work; early indications are that while Bing won’t displace Yahoo overnight as Google’s primary competitor, that it is popular and on the rise.

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